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07 Distinct Looks of Quartz Countertops

07 Distinct Looks of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an engineered stone as it contains 97 percent of solid quartz, and the rest is resins, glass, and other rocks. In this way, it adds more features to it than other natural stones have. That is why quartz countertops are one of the best building stones. You will find it in homes, hotels, and other commercial areas. Also, it is hard to tell quartz from other natural stones.

In addition, quartz can imitate many distinct looks. From natural to solid to concrete, this stone comes in varied colors and patterns. Also, it has consistent colors in its slabs. In the same way, it comes at many surfaces, finishes, and prices. So, from white to black and grey, you have endless options with this versatile stone.     

Well, quartz is traditional, modern, and retro at the same time. Here is the list of 7 different looks of quartz:

  1. Marble-look
  2. Concrete look
  3. Solid-look quartz
  4. Granite-look
  5. Limestone-look
  6. Quartzite-look
  7. Soapstone-look

Quartz Countertops


No doubt, marble is known for its natural beauty. But, not everyone can afford to have this natural stone. With marble-look in quartz, you can have this beauty at your home. In this case, quartz can get the same high-end finish with more strength. In addition, quartz is more durable than marble. Also, this marble-looking stone needs less care. 

So, you can have the soft and natural look of white quartz with a grey and golden veining pattern. With its bold veiny pattern and elegant style, it can give you the essence of marble slabs. 

Concrete look:

If you wish to get a concrete look in counters, go for quartz countertops. They can give you the best industrial look on kitchen counters. They offer raw beauty and less maintenance. Well, the concrete look is perfect for modern kitchen styles. With quartz, you can achieve this look with many other benefits. So, you have whitish-grey to dark grey in this stone.

Moreover, you do not have to stress over stains and spills. The concrete look in quartz can hide these flaws. But, it requires a seal in a year. Plus, it is easy to maintain this look as compared to other natural stones.   

Solid-look quartz:

This one has one of the best looks. A solid look of quartz has a wide range of colors. Also, it has the most consistent surface you will ever see. The entire slab will have a single tone and texture. In addition, the shades include white, black, beige, dark grey, light grey, and blue. In this case, the neutral solid quartz will not disappoint you. So, you can pair these solid counters with neutral color cabinets.


Granite is hard but porous in nature. But, many people love to have it due to its visual beauty. So, you can have this iconic beauty in quartz slabs. Granite-look quartz is stronger and versatile than natural stones. Also, it comes in the same browns, whites, beiges, and grays as granite has. So, what’s better than having the best granite look?

In addition, you will not have to seal its top. This granite look is nonporous and polished. So, it does not need extra safety. In the same way, quartz offers the same flecks and spots in its granite looks.


Quartz and quartzite are two varied stones. They might look similar, but they are not. The latter differs in the crystals it has on its surface. That is why it is always in demand on the market. So, quartz can replicate this look in the best way. Also, with quartz, you can have neutral veiny patterns in white and grey slabs. 

Moreover, one can find pink, blue, brown, and orange hints in the quartzite look. This stone has a natural shine that can transform the look of your home.     


Limestone is known for its warm and subtle neutral tones. It comes in light colors that create an earthy vibe in any area. Limestone-look quartz is an engineered copy that comes in the same neutral shades with low variations. Also, it has specks similar to natural fossils. Unlike limestone, it is not that porous. That is why quartz can manage stains and spills in this look. 

You can create the best look of limestone in quartz with a seal or polished finish. Also, pair it with white or any light color cabinets.


Soapstone is also a natural stone that is durable and unique. It is nonporous and easy to clean. But, it costs more than quartz. Unlike natural stone, soapstone-look quartz is hard and lasting. Also, it comes in soft veiny patterns. This look in quartz has a timeless beauty. It includes grey, blue and green colors for kitchen counters. 

Moreover, you can pick the perfect thickness for your island counter. But, the quartz look can handle the stains and spills that might damage the real stone. So, this look is ideal for daily wear.


Quartz is a versatile stone in many aspects. It can work for any kitchen style. Many people prefer this stone over other natural stones for its ability to mimic many looks. So, quartz countertops are ideal for marble, solid, and concrete looks. In addition, you can nail the look of granite and limestone with this engineered stone. It is not only stylish but also worth the price. In this case, Silver marble granite has the right looking quartz for your home.

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