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5 Mind Bending Tamil And Telugu Movies

The popularity of Tamil movies and Telugu movies, among other films made by South Indian filmmakers, has seen exponential growth since the release of the Baahubali movies. One would say that these films rightfully deserve their long-overdue recognition since many of them have compelling setups, impactful performances, stunning visuals, and artfully curated plotlines. Speaking of artfully curated plotlines, some of these South Indian storytellers have successfully managed to twist and bend the rules of movie narratives during the writing process and have delivered some mind-bending masterpieces for the audience. This article includes a total of 5 films that have been handpicked from the repertoire of Tamil and Telugu movies and have truly proven to be mind-bending. Read on to learn more.

  1. Game Over (2019)

This Taapse Pannu-starrer can be considered Tollywood’s equivalent of the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt-starrer Edge of Tomorrow, except Game Over seems a little more realistic due to its setting. This film revolves around a wheelchair-bound game designer who is suffering from PTSD and lives alone with her maid. One fine day, a serial killer enters her house, pushing her to play a game of survival. The mind bending element is that she is forced to play this game in an infinite loop until she emerges victorious. The film, which can be called one of the most intriguing Tamil movies made to date, can be streamed on Netflix.

  1. Pizza (2012)

This Karthik Subbaraj presentation sees Vijay Sethupathi in the leading role of a pizza delivery partner. The film is a story about the delivery partner in question experiencing a set of supernatural events after arriving at the door of a customer. The mind bending aspect of the film lies in the plot twist, which one needs to experience in order to truly appreciate it. This film can be streamed on YouTube for a fee.

  1. Jango (2021)

Much like in the case of ‘Game Over’, the lead characters of this film are stuck in an infinite time loop that they can only get out of if they win the twisted game of survival they are coerced to play. The film is a tale of a neurosurgeon and his dying wife. The antagonist of this feature is an unidentified man who is determined to kill the wife. Although the concept is intriguing, to say the least, the film has received mixed reviews.

  1. Antaryudh (2018)

This critically acclaimed and deeply philosophical movie is a mind bending tale based on the subject of adverse mental health conditions. The Prashanth Varma directorial debut tells the tale of a woman suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder who plays various characters throughout the presentation. Each of those is essentially a reflection of herself. The film can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar, and Netflix.

  1. Nennokkadine (2014)

The last in the list of mind bending Tamil and Telugu movies is Nenokkadine. This Mahesh Babu film is centered around a mentally ill rock star who seeks the help of a journalist to find the three men who allegedly murdered his parents. As is well established by now, whenever a film deals with a protagonist with mental health issues, it almost inevitably introduces a mind bending plot twist. The film can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Fun Fact: Nennokkadine was the debut film of Kriti Sanon, who plays the journalist in this feature.


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