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5 Quick Tips For Hiring a Commercial Sign Repair Company

Maybe your signage has seen better days. Or has your indoor lighting failed? It is crucial to sort out these issues as soon as possible. Your outdoor signage displays your brand and brings your customers through the door. Broken bulbs or missing letters give the wrong impression and are bad for business. Poor indoor lighting needs to be repaired as quickly as possible as it can be a safety issue for staff and customers.  But before you Google ‘ ‘Commercial Sign Repair Near Me‘, you will need some tips to find the best sign repair company for you. Here are some great questions to ask before you hire.

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Are they fully insured and qualified? 

Great contractors are experienced, but they also make sure that their employees are qualified for the job and have full insurance. Check their insurance certificates and qualifications before you allow them to start.  If they damage your property or someone else’s during the project, you need to know who will be paying for repairs or replacement. Make sure it isn’t you!

Are they committed to safety?

Accidents happen, but good planning, appropriate risk assessment, the right equipment and well-trained staff make them less likely. Working with electricity, especially at the high voltages used in large commercial signage, can be very dangerous.  Other potential risks include signs falling to the ground, creating a hazard for passers-by, as well as workers and your staff. Safety management is crucial,  so ensure that your chosen company has health and safety protocols in place to ensure that the project is completed safely. 

Do they have the right kind of experience and equipment?

Have they done projects similar to yours in the past? Ask for the details of previous customers and ring them for an assessment of the company’s competence. Do they have the equipment for the job? Do they have the necessary equipment to track underground electrical faults? Do they have the size of crane required to access your high-level signage?

Are they committed to customer satisfaction?

Can they give you full support throughout the day and night? Problems can occur at any time, not just at 11 am on a weekday. You need to be able to call them out even if it is 11 pm. You can’t have your store customers wandering around in the dark! A reliable service  24 hours a day, seven days a week is crucial for your business. Are they 100% about your complete satisfaction rather than just getting the job off their to-do list?

Do they want a long-term relationship?

So they’ve done the job and taken your money but do they want to see you again?!  Do they offer an aftercare service?  What kind of guarantees do they offer? It’s a great sign if they maintain long-term relationships with customers,  offering routine checks and care. If they are confident in their work, they won’t expect this relationship to take up too much time!

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