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6 Ways to Style Leather Coats

6 Ways to Style Leather Coats

Leather coats are a classic addition to every wardrobe, regardless of gender. They are versatile, evergreen, and eternal in their class. The truth is that fashion could evolve into the quirkiest trends, but it would still find a way to accommodate the popular leather trend in some form or another. 

These are staples that complete a wardrobe and also help an individual define their sartorial choices. 

We understand that 2020 was not a fashion-forward year. But we are not here to discuss the things that went wrong in the past year. Today we are exploring the different ways one can style a leather coat to look the best. 

If you have been wondering about how to style your beloved leather coat or if you want to understand the recent trends of men’s fashion around leather accessories, then you have landed in the right spot. 

What adds to the appeal?

“What should I wear a leather jacket with…?” 

Every man that we spoke to during our fashion research said that they ask this question almost every week in the winter season to either their significant others or themselves before heading out for any event.

The thing is since the human mind is a visual processor; people tend to imagine that they embody the epitome of masculine grace like David Beckham or the all-American charm of Tom Cruise in the early installments of Mission Impossible.  

While imagining oneself like a celebrity is a common thing, many people tend to experience self-esteem issues when they don’t end up looking like their vision. But the catch here is to remember that not everyone has to look the same way when they pick up a classic piece like a mens leather coat.

While the male gaze is often questioned on forums, people tend to neglect the impact of a ‘gaze’ on men too. For all our readers, we have a simple message on that note: Just be yourself and let your individuality shine through the outfits that adorn your body.

Here is a list of ways you can incorporate your favorite leather coat according to your personal style.

  1. Become a Punky Biker

If your leather coat resembles the biker jackets with frayed trimmings and cropped edges, then you can take up the punky, emo look from the late 2000s that has come back in trend with the help of rappers from Hollywood.

You can take a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt in black and top it with a leather coat. Add a pair of sneakers or even some plain joggers that could do the trick. The goal here is to embrace the edgy styles.

You can either use a t-shirt belonging to your favorite band or let Pink Floyd do the magic of making everything look grungier and punky.

  • Let the Leather Drip in Luxury

When you read any fashion publications, you must have noticed the phrases like ‘less is more’ being tossed in the middle everywhere. This is because minimalism in fashion makes things look a lot more sophisticated and formal.

If you want your leather coat to become the star of the evening, then you must remove all other accents from your outfit. Keep things very, very simple.

Just grab a pair of black jeans, a plain t-shirt, a hoodie perhaps, and top it all with a leather coat. Avoid adding any unnecessary color or funky shoes to the outfit, and there you are ready!

You can add some shades or a cap to get the Noah Centineo look!

  • Dress Up Like the Victorian Ramrod

The Victorian men from literature and period-dramas are often portrayed as men with conviction and straight postures that resemble ramrods. If you like to dress up somber and sophisticated, then the prim and proper look of a Victorian male is all you need!

Take a pair of formal grey trousers and a plain white button-down shirt. You can even add a necktie to crisp up the outfit. Replace the blazer with your leather coat to add additional oomph to your attire.

Make sure that your shoes and coat are the same color. And if you wear oxfords, then you could become a personal favorite of Dame Anna Wintour from Vogue- the holy grail of fashion.

  • Embrace the François Freedom

The French are known for their functional fashion that stands apart from everyone else! You can embrace the French staple combination of darker sweaters, chinos, and leather coats. 

A turtleneck could prove to be an ideal investment here.

In all honesty, the functional French style of plain black Derbys with a leather coat could make your outfit perfect for a date on Saturday or a stylish outfit for your outdoor meeting in the winter and spring seasons.

  1. Take Up the Bad Boy Look

Remember the gangster fantasies everyone loved on Wattpad? Those were the stories where a handsome rogue in a leather coat and an undone shirt would walk up to a distressed damsel and give her everything she desired.

A twisted take on the age-old fantasy of a knight in shining armor!

So if you want to look like the sexy rogue that gets all the attention at a dinner party, then this is the combination just for you!

Get a pair of black trousers and a plain white button-down shirt. Undo the top button or two and wear your leather coat. Remember to leave your shirt untacked to boost the appeal of the attire. Wear your oxfords for this outfit and let it work its charm!

  • Out-style Everyone on Casual Fridays 

Does your workplace encourage casual dressing?

Then take this opportunity to establish your style quotient in front of the office with a practically stylish outfit.

Take a turtleneck sweater, vest, basic trousers, and chinos. Wear these pieces with a leather coat and look comfortable yet effortlessly stylish at the office. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that a leather jacket or coat is a bold fashion statement. When you choose to wear either of them, it is essential to wear your confidence along with it. Make sure that your leather coat suits the contours of your shoulders and chest so that you can look your best. And lastly, believe in the power of black!

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