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7 Common Traits of a Toxic Friend

7 Common Traits of a Toxic Friend

Have you ever heard about fake friends? Toxic Friends? Are you tired of toxicity around you? Do you feel irritated when you see diplomacy around you? Our relationships and friendships are really important. Keeping these healthy and growing is above all. 

We interact with different kinds of people daily. But some of them become very close to our hearts. It is difficult to recognize who is your toxic friend. Nothing is more heart-breaking on this earth than to decide whether a friendship should be saved. That is when you realize you are in a toxic friendship. Real friends are those who give a vibe of family. 

A vibe is a powerful and positive energy that someone gives off, and your heart says that is the right one. Real and sincere friends are always there when you need them. They motivate you, support you, stand with you, and love your flaws. A healthy friendship is all about giving and take, but when your friends become selfish, and they only remember you when they have things to do, then my friend, you are in a toxic friendship.

In this blog, we will highlight some traits of a toxic friend;

Traits of a Toxic Friend 

  • False Praises

The toxic friends will always try to let you down. They will always encourage your flaws in order to spread more toxicity in the environment. This can create a strong distortion between your good terms. For instance, if you are judgmental and you love passing mean comments, then they will praise you for this because they knew that would defame you. Appreciation will make you more confident, and you will judge people more to entertain your toxic friends. You will hurt and disappoint others because of your judgmental nature, but your toxic friends will be the happiest. 

  • Friendship is Based on Their Terms

Toxic friends have a very interesting quality, and they are selfish. Whenever they will face hardships, they will knock at your door and will not even care about the time or if you are busy or not. In a short period of time, you will see that you will be the one who always supports them and stands with them in their hard time, but whenever you need them, they will be making excuses or will avoid you.

  • Lead you to Alcohol and Drugs

Toxic friends will make you suffer severe mental health issues by making you addicted to dangerous drugs and alcohol. Alcohol affects your body internally and makes you feel dizzy and weak—alcohol results in the increment of cholesterol which will cause heart diseases. Also, your immune system will develop catastrophic effects that can lead you to death. Make sure you have a valid rehab support system if you are getting into alcohol abuse.

  • Make you Feel Bad About Yourself

Toxic friends will degrade you to lower your self-esteem. Whenever you will achieve something, or you will feel proud of yourself, they will demotivate you in such a subtle way that you will not realize if they are insulting you or degrading you. They will make you feel dumb and act like they are more innovative, intelligent, and more proud.

  • Self-Obsessed or Self-centered

Toxic people are self-centered, and they only care about themselves. Their life revolves around themselves only. They have nothing to do with how their actions and words will affect others. They just think about themselves. They believe they are superior, and they make others feel inferior. They feel happy by letting down others. They are always busy in gossips and backbiting. Also, they engage others in their dirty gossips and always indulge themselves in negativity.

  • Manipulative

Toxic friends are socially intelligent. They perceive others in no time. They will play with your innocence and will twist your ideas and words to get their way quickly. They shower their sweetness upon you to get you to do whatever they want. In short, they take control of you in order to get the benefit. Also, they will always show that they are alone, innocent, and betrayed. They will cry in front of you and will bite you like a snake. 

  • Negativity

Some people have a terrible habit of not seeing the good in their life. They just see negative things around them and cry over them. Being around these types of people will liberate happiness from your life, and you will not enjoy happiness and be positive. All they do is spread hate and negativity. They will make destructive criticism all the time, but if you reply in their tone, they will reveal their true self. They are always in search of a chance to degrade you and insult you so that you can hate yourself and lock yourself in a room, and suffer severe mental disorders.

Final Verdict

As we have stated, some traits of toxic friends or fake friends. I think it is time to be careful now as there are adverse effects of being in a toxic relationship or friendship. Your mental health is more necessary than holding on to something that damages it. Think and be cautious before you make friends because a snake never sheds its skin before, but it will slowly and gradually feed you poison with its toxicity, and you will never be able to detoxify your true self. Normalize letting go of things that defame you and your dignity. That does not mean all people are the same. There are some people who value you, your choices, and prioritize you. 

Get inside your mind and think about what you can do to stop toxicity around you. You should know how to speak when toxicity and toxic people cross the line. Recognizing the toxic friends will help you be positive and will liberate negativity from your life like there was nothing like that. Figuring out that you are in a toxic and pseudo friendship will be very hard, but these traits will help you recognize the culprit and will help you enjoy yourself on your terms. As you grow up, you will realize that you need people who are real and honest. 

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