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Address Verification will become Your Competitive Edge

Address Verification will become Your Competitive Edge

Address verification verifies residential addresses against an authentic and approved database in order to discover if residential data is authenticated or not. If the address in the problem is found to match an approved database, it implies that it is “authenticated”. If there is no actual address, it is considered as wrong.

Business address verification has laid immense recognition over time and there are various causes behind it. This blog will cover all the main characteristics of this service, and it will assist you in taking accurate decision for your company.

How does address verification operate?

Address verification ensures that the addresses and residential address you gather are completely reliable, regulated and up-to-date. With the huge amount of data made possible by the arrival of the Internet and phone numbers, this procedure can no longer be physically done. Therefore, several companies depend on software solutions that give the proper format of residential address and accurate spelling. Therefore, address verification operates in real-time. 

Main Advantages of Address Verification 

More than 90% of companies authorize data to enhance their company operations. Therefore, several companies examine it as one of the significant resources that assists them to increase revenue and properly serve the clients. Let’s dig into some of the main benefits address verification brings to the table. 

Utilizing time and energy

By keeping only verified addresses in your database, you will reduce false and inaccurate communication. Hence, will save time and expenses. 

Enhanced User Experience

A business can only achieve accurately and effectively addressed communication by adopting address verification. Therefore, individuals should always eliminate inaccurate addresses. Ensure that your client databases always include detailed and up-to-date addresses. 

Familiarized Rational Decision Making

In order to comprehend its clients and always make an informed decision, a business must keep precise data about clients.

Improved Return On Investment

One can minimize expense by correcting information at the initial stage. Verifying addresses will assist your company save on mailing and printing, but hence reduce address verification fines. Also significantly, the returns on the business sales and marketing campaigns will be more comprehensive. 

Minimize the Expenses of Returned Shipments

Returned shipments are likely to one of the greatest losses for any company and without verified addresses, one can likely encounter this problem repeatedly. As stated by the CNBC study, online sales will amount to $125.9 and 45% per cent of them will be paid. The expense of these returned shipments will estimate at almost $38 billion. The increasing amount of these shipments can be examined and minimized with the help of an address verification service. 

Reduce Failed Deliveries 

Failed deliveries are a prevalent way for merchants to lose cash. Therefore, one either has to return the user or pay the extra re-delivery expense. With precise, real-time address verification in your system, the possibility of failed deliveries plummets. 

Heightened User Experience

Enhancing the experience of the user is what all companies aim and the ability of online companies is greater. With the assistance of identity verification, one can maintain an updated record of entire users. This will assist you to deal with them efficiently and give quicker delivery services.

Which Companies require Address Verification?

Retail industry 

The retail industry loses an immense amount of cash each year due to failed deliveries and fraudulent activity. Criminals can give false addresses for delivering items and giving to the accurate address is not possible.  

Finance Sector

All economic institutions need address verification to ensure that each user exists in reality. Fraudsters use tampered identities and false addresses to generate bank accounts. These accounts are then utilized for illegitimate activities like money laundering, account takeover, and financing of terrorism. 


As one encounter, address verification can bring essential advantages to your company. Therefore, it is significant to authenticate information and don’t save non-approved, invalidated and unformatted residential data to your database. The advantage of your mailing lists and the benefit of your database rely on your client contact data. It only has to valid, authentic, and up-to-date. Therefore, the data declines over time for various reasons such as humankind mistakes, users moving, or transformed ZIP codes. 

It is vital for all companies to fight these crimes, therefore, criminals have developed more intelligent tactics for their fraudulent purposes. Performing standard address verification checks is not adequate any more. Address verification systems can make they’re Know Your Customer more robust. It can assist each company in minimizing chargebacks and fraudulent activities. 

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