Testosterone is an important hormone for men. Here are some steps to increase testosterone levels in the body naturally. Testosterone is the main hormone in men, although, in women, there is also a small amount of the hormone testosterone. This hormone is produced by male testes and female ovaries. Testosterone […]

WHAT EXACTLY IS VITAMIN U? Vitamin U is the colloquial name for an enzyme, abbreviated to MMS from country S-Methylmethionine (L-methyl-methionine-sulfonate in Polish). The formula of vitaminU is as follows: C6H14NO2S +. If you remember the essential information on chemistry, you certainly know that vitamin is an organic sulfur compound […]

Shipping goods are not cheap. However, this is also the case in most other countries. What makes it even more frustrating for consumers is that some high-end goods actually cost more to ship than they do in store. Coincidentally, the same thing happens with lower-priced items – but at a […]

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