Basic Guide of Things to Know Before Buying a Perfume

Basic Guide of Things to Know Before Buying a Perfume

Do you love wearing perfume on a daily basis? You would definitely know that it’s quite a painful process when it comes to choosing the right one. Well, finding a perfume online isn’t less than a daunting job. Being aware of the different kinds of fragrances and their aromas, one must also be aware of their inclination, as the character of a signature fragrance will leave a lasting mark. This is the thing you need to consider before you get a fragrance for yourself. 

To help you make a wise decision when buying Perfumes online, we have listed down all the mandatory things to consider. So, let’s have a look!


The amount of perfume oil in each fragrance shows the time of perfume on the skin. While different companies add this concentrate as per their own described standards, most products can be categorised as Parfum which is also known as a perfume with the highest fragrance concentration of around 18% to 32%. This is also the most expensive category for scents, which can last around 9 hours. 

The concentration of Eau De Parfum varies between 14% to 21% for approx. 6 hours. Many brands have a concentration of Eau De Parfum and while prices are lower as compared to perfume, this concentration is ideal for different occasions and evening functions.

The concentration percentage of EDT is around 16% and lasts 2-3 hours and is one of the most widely available concentrates for daily wear. Nearly all perfume companies invest in the manufacture of this intermediate concentration – since it also comes at a fair price. 

The scent of Eau De Cologne is up to 5% and can easily last up to 3 hours. Body Mist as well as After Shaves, on the other hand, have the least fragrancy concentrate. The Light Solution, appropriate for a limited period of time, can be used over the whole body after a workout, or if you have been outside for a short time. It may be used for just a short period of time. 

Fragrance Notes

Any perfume or a fragrance you buy comes with different notes named Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes. A mixture of these notes gives you a special scent. 

  • Top Notes

Top note is instantly interpreted as the scent is sprayed. Top notes are a light formulation that easily evaporates. Top notes, moreover, are a personal first impression of a scent and reflect the main point of sale. The important highlights of top notes are related to ginger, light floral and citrus.

  • Middle Notes

Right after top notes, middle notes appear and last approx. 1 hour with ease. The center notes are the main fragrance body and are normally soft. The major highlights of this notes are related to Lavender, rose scent and heavier flowering notes. 

  • Base Notes

Talking about base notes, this is the perfume smell that emerges after middle notes evaporation. The base and middle notes form the central theme of perfume and add depth and are eventually evaporated. 

How to Store Perfume

It’s important to keep the perfume away from direct sunlight as it may create a wear and tear in components. Moreover, storing perfume near extreme heat may be dangerous too. Based on reports, the average shelf life of a perfume is approx. 3-6 years.

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