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Common Leadership Styles to Choose From

Common Leadership Styles to Choose From

Everyone has a different kind of personality and different character traits. No one is like others. You can copy the traits and style of others, but still, there might be something lacking on your side, and you still will not be able to completely copy each other. The same goes for the leadership styles. A business owner is also the leader of its employees. And every leader has different styles of leading a company or his employees. There are different types of leadership styles, and if you are not aware of them. Then you definitely should know because who knows, one of them might be your style. Successful people like Richard Nahas have a specific leadership style that helps him to be a great doctor . And you should have one too if you want to succeed like him.

Strategic Leadership

This is the most common and desirable leadership style that most people would like to adopt. Because this type of leadership style helps in dealing with different sets of employees, in this type, leaders are involved in the company’s main operation and also analyze the growth opportunities. This type of leader ensures that the company is stable and the workflow is right. But this leadership style might not be able to handle a lot of people at one time and also may not be able to predict the right direction in which the company should perform.

Democratic Leadership

This type of leadership is like the common democracy rule. The leader does listen to his employee’s input, but the final call is up to him. The thing about this is that the employee is equally involved in this type. 

This type of leadership is also quite effective as it also helps the low level employees to learn the democratic rules and the authority they might need to exercise in the future. The CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, is the one who practices this kind of leadership style.

Transactional Leadership

This type of leadership is also quite common these days and also in use. But it is the type in which the managers might award the employee after the job is done. At the start of the job, the employee may get a full incentive plan that will help him to do his work precisely. This type of leadership style helps in motivating the employees to work well and stick to their jobs. 

Servant Leadership

This type of leadership style mostly works on the motto first serve than lead. In this type of leadership, instead of inspiring others and leading them like an owner, the leaders find ways to help others. Although the business owners are leaders, this leadership style inhibits them from showing any of their power or status. This type of leadership boosts morale and a high level of trust, but the thing is, this one is challenging. And continuously pushing your priorities for others is mostly second nature.

Autocratic Leadership

This leadership style is rarely effective. The Autocratic style of leadership is the one in which there is no involvement of the employee, and the leader is responsible for everything. The employee has no say in anything, and to be honest, this style of leadership stinks. Because nowadays the employees also want the respect and equal part in building the organization. And this kind of leadership does not allow that. Employees also do not respect this kind of leader, and in the end, they eventually leave.


So now you know about different leadership styles, it’s time to find your own. Successful people like Dr. Richard Nahas has his own leadership style, and led his team effectively. Your leadership style is important to achieve success. But you need to remember as a leader that success will not be possible without your team’s contribution and effort.

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