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Foods for boosting the immunity of your kids with Iyurved

Foods for boosting the immunity of your kids with Iyurved

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body and we need to remember this phrase all the time. But sometimes we really forget to follow a healthy lifestyle and that is why we are facing many health issues. Either it is about the health of your kids or your own you must follow a healthy lifestyle. The word healthy lifestyle can have many meanings in a broader sense. But in general, it will include healthy eating, exercising, staying happy, and relaxing, and so on.


The parents are always worried about the health of their kids because the majority of the kids do not like eating healthy and this is what creates a big hurdle for the parents. They always search for ways in which they can make their kids eat healthy foods. Healthy foods mean food rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, etc as required by our body. Immunity is another concern in the current scenario. You can consume immunity boosting things but you need to take care of your kids by searching immunity booster foods for kids. Due to weak immunity, your kids may face seasonal infections, getting sick so often, feeling lazy or tired throughout the day, and so on.


Especially in weather shifting, kids catch infections so fast. You must give your kids some immunity boosting foods and some of them are:

  • Turmeric: All of us are very well aware of the benefits of turmeric for our health as well as for our skin. This ingredient should be present in meals or you need to add this to the daily lifestyle of your kids. Giving turmeric milk to your kids means contributing directly to boosting the immunity of your kids.
  • Foods rich in vitamin c: Our body needs vitamin c in high content in order to fight with common infections or diseases. There are so many sources of vitamin c that you can add to the daily diet of your kids. Fruits rich in this vitamin are cherries, oranges, guava, etc. You can also give homemade lemonade to your kids to boost their immunity.
  • Nuts: Most of the kids deny eating dry fruits, nuts, and seeds but it is the responsibility of the parents to make their kids learn the importance of dry fruits so that they can eat them. You can add cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc to the daily diet or you can also make some yummy recipes that are rich in dry fruits and acts as an immune booster for babies. You can use nuts, seeds, dry fruits and can make a mixture of them that will give both a crunchy and sweet taste. Dry fruits are rich in protein and they also boost energy levels in kids. It adds to the immunity of your kids as well. So, don’t forget to give nuts, dry fruits, seeds, etc to your kids.
  • Dairy products: We all as parents know how important is to add dairy products like milk, cheese, curd, etc in the diet of your kids so that they can become stronger, active, and intelligent.


Iyurved offers the products like healthy chocolates, approved powders, Atta pre-mix that are high in nutrition as boost the immunity of your kids. So, add these products from Iyurved to the daily lifestyle of your kids to make them stronger.

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