Fruits of that we don’t talk about enough!

There are obviously countless fruits that we have been given in this world. We choose to eat many of those, some we like and some we prefer to not eat ever again. However, most of these fruits are ones that are sold abundantly and are easily available. Many are originated from a specific area and have trouble reaching us in great amounts so they are either only present in small quantities and expensive price rates or are present only in a certain season since they are seasonal fruits. While most people would prefer to name common fruits when asked about their favourite ones, some of them will also name fruits you might not have heard before. The sole reason might be that the places from where they originate are not the places you live in. For example, south-east America, Italy, or other tropical areas. There are several fruits that we overlook or simply don’t know about. Read on to find more about a few of them!

Custard apple

Custard apple is a fruit that is mostly found in South America or the West Indies. It can be sent around to other areas but the Andes mountain area is where it is actually grown and found and the people there describe it as a deliciously creamy and rich flavoured fruit. This fruit has a unique design to it and is created like an enlarged berry. It has green skin to it and big bumps all over it that gives it a resemblance to a berry. The reason why this fruit is known as Custard Apple is that it does taste creamy and has a slightly sharp sweetness like that of custard. There are hybrids being created for this fruit as well with pineapples and other fruits to make something more flavourful out of it. And like every other fruit, this one right here also has its benefits for you. And those are:

  • These fruits have a lot of energy in them because of being a high resource of minerals, vitamins and proteins.
  • The vitamins that a custard apple fruit has to offer you are Vitamin B6, B2, B3, B5, B9, Vitamin C.
  • Apart from that it also has an abundance of Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is found more than the custard apple is. This fruit is a tropical summer fruit that is also used to make juices, smoothies, and many other flavourful drinks. It can be used in cocktails as well. With its shocking pink tint of beautiful colour, this fruit is extremely attractive to look at as well. It has a sweet flavour that is mildly refreshing and sweet. The skin of dragon fruit is pink and the inside has a white mesh with black seeds mixed well inside it. The mesh is scooped out to be eaten. It comes from the genus Selenicereus. These fruits are exuberant fruits that are also offered in restaurants or in tropical cocktails in drinks because of their amazing colour and flavour. Other than being called dragon fruit, these fruits have other names as well. And those are Pitaya or Pitahaya. The Pitaya fruit is extremely good for your immune system and for strengthening your organs and making sure that your iron levels are not lacking because iron is an important part of your diet. And this is how the dragon fruit benefits you in many ways if you include it in your diet or even consume it once in a while.

Persimmon Fruit

This fruit has a unique name and many of you might not be able to guess what this fruit is like or might have never even heard of it or seen it before. However, read on to find out everything you need to know about this fruit. Persimmon fruit is technically a berry but isn’t really considered one because of its shape, size, and appearance. This fruit has a leathery surface to it while on the inside it is more silky and soft as compared to what you will see and feel outside.

These fruits can be picked out best in late fall when winter is coming and can be picked way into the winter off of their trees. Having a yellowish tint or an orange or angry red colour sometimes, these fruits play a big part in making the autumn look more like.. well, Autumn! They have an enriching honey-like flavour and can be added in many dessert dishes, sweet fruit cocktails and can be used in many other ways to consume or present to your guests. They have countless benefits as well. Most of which include having vitamins and antioxidants that will help with your hair and skin as well as your glow, making you look as youthful as possible if you included this fruit in your diet.

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