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Get Professional Construction With Torque Wrenches

Get Professional Construction With Torque Wrenches

Wrenches are mechanical construction devices that are used to tighten or loosen any nut, bolt, or rotary type of equipment. There are different types of wrenches that are professionally and mechanically used to get the construction work done. Torque wrenches are one of a kind. Wrenches are really versatile tools that can be used to impact any stuck elements that need to be taken out. We will talk about two types of torque wrenches in this article.

What Are Torque Wrenches?

There are times and situations when we need to apply some particular torque or power to a fastener. These fasteners can be bolts, nuts, or any screw. It is basically a socket wrench that has some mechanical specifications.

While doing some critical mechanisms, the tightening of the fastener can play a big role. In such cases, the torque wrenches are used to give that specific torque. It can further match the system requirements. The used torque is a proxy for the whole bolt tension.

Calibration is done prior to the use of the wrench. There are types of torque wrenches. Let us know about a few in further discussions.

Mechanical Torque

We had our discussion about the hydraulic torque wrench. This is a revolutionary construction tool that is vastly used in everyday construction. Another type of torque wrench is the mechanical torque wrench. It is a traditional, yet super effective equipment to do any kind of construction. A traditional torque wrench first came into the limelight in 1931. Since then, it is being used all over the world to give construction workers a better way to handle works.

Hydraulic Torque

This is a type of torque wrench to provide better design and torque to the mechanical system. Hydraulic torque wrenches are specially designed to acquire perfect torque and thus give the equipment the proper tightening or loosening. This is called a power tool. Hydraulics are used to handle the torque in this. That’s why is called a hydraulic torque wrench. If the fastener is properly lubricated, a hydraulic wrench can exert proper torque in it to fit the junction or connection.

From the 1960s till now, hydraulic torque wrenches are in the market to provide a better advancement in science and technology. The original tool was made for normal use but it has a huge field of application in today’s construction field.

Two main types of hydraulic wrenches are the square drive and the low profile. It depends solely on the application about which one to use. This wrench is self-actuated and the most important profile of it is that it can control the torque applied to it with the use of hydraulics. It is light-weight, and silent than any other kind of wrenches.

Powermaster Torque Wrenches

Powermaster is a big manufacturer of such torque wrenches that will give your construction work a proper push-up and you can totally rely on this company. It is serving for a long time and they have all kinds of products. They are in the industry for a long and hold a grand reputation.

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