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Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body. They allow the body to run smoothly, as they moderate all the important processes in the body. There are various organs that secrete hormones, like adrenal glands, thyroid, and most importantly, brain. 

From sleep to diet to reproduction to growth to even mood, hormones are intricately linked to quality daily existence. For the normal functioning of the body, their quantity needs to be carefully monitored. 

Too much or too little, or rather, even small deviations in the amount of hormone secreted can have a grave impact on life. Alongside causing complications and diseases, hormone imbalance can also lead to chronic ailments. 

While some hormones change due to the natural and incorrigible process of aging, others are affected due to disease and our life choices, requiring then a visit to the top general physician in Lahore for remedying. 

Symptoms of hormone imbalance

The precise symptoms of hormone imbalance are subjected to the very hormone that is not being regulated well by the body. However, since hormones play an important role in our overall well being, the entire body suffers in general. Commonly observed symptoms include:

Weight issues: Since metabolism is modulated by hormones, irregularities can lead to weight loss or gain. Most often, the weight loss is significant, and unexplained. 

Sleep problems: Sleep and wakefulness is an interplay of changing hormone levels in the body. If this delicate balance is upset, it can lead to lack of quality shuteye.

Pain: Hormone imbalance can lead to muscular and joint paints. It can also lead to physical discomfort stemming from stiff joints.

Weakness: As metabolic processes around the body are down, it is natural that energy levels around the body run low. Alongside fatigue and lethargy generally in the body, muscles also become weak from hormonal issues. 

GI changes: Hormone imbalance leads to dietary changes; people might start eating and drinking more. They might also get constipation from the hormonal issues or start to have frequent bowel movements. 

Sexual problems: Sex hormones control reproductive process and libido. Imbalance can result in infertility, low sex drive etc. 

Behavioral problems: Our mental health also suffers from the impact of hormonal imbalance. Mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritable disposition are some commonly observed issues. 

Other problems: Miscellaneous problems associated with hormone issues include increased heart rate, hair thinning, skin problems, puffiness in the face, blurring of the vision, presence of fat between shoulder blades. 

Signs of hormonal imbalance in women 

Signs specific to hormonal issues in women include period problems. Since female sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone etc. control the menstrual cycle, imbalances cause associated problems like flow issues, PMS, missed periods and cycle duration issues etc. 

Vaginal atrophy, dryness, painful sex are some other problems associated with hormonal problems in women. 

Signs of hormone imbalance in men

Problems caused due to imbalance in male sex hormones include erectile dysfunction. It also causes loss in muscle and bone mass. Some men also experience gynecomastia, which is development of breast tissue in men. 

Treatment for hormone imbalance 

Treating hormonal problem is contingent on identifying and remedying underlying cause. Medication, lifestyle choices, diseases are some common causes of hormonal problems. 

Generally, people are prescribed hormone replacement medication to supplement body’s supply of hormones. Moreover, medicines like metformin and levothyroxine are also given to certain patients. 

Important lifestyle changes to help include green teas that contain useful nutrients, stress management, and avoiding triggers. Similarly, as diet plays a pivotal role in the endocrine system, careful attention has to be paid to what you eat. 

However, for a more specific treatment plan, you should always consult the top general physician in Karachi. Hormonal imbalance has grave implications for your health, thus medical intervention is pertinent to your wellbeing. 

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