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How a Skating eCommerceTransformedits Business via Social Media

Starting a new retail business can be challenging in the best of circumstances, and the recent pandemic has undoubtedly made it even more difficult. However, many eCommerce companies have found a way to overcome the challenges by adopting a sincere and highly effective approach to social media through which they share instructive content to a growing following.

One company that has achieved this to great success is Seaside Skates, an eCommerce store that specialises in… you guessed it, roller skates!

In order to create a community of enthusiastic and interested skaters, Seaside Skates started by creating an Instagram page. This fostered an active and positive community that ultimately fuelled Seaside Skates’ success.

Seaside Skates started by developing alliances and collaborative working relationships with people who operated similar skate-related businesses or who were skating athletes. This subsequently enabled them to use Instagram to start interacting with other people inside the same specialty sector.

For instance, Seaside Skates formed an active partnership with the New Zealand champion roller skater Ivy Knivey, who operates Let’s Roll Coaching. Ivy competed in the roller derby World Cup and is one of the best skaters in the world.

Seaside Skate’s classes are associated with Let’s Roll coaching since she also coaches children. This broadens both her and our audiences.

As Seaside Skates is owned by a skater who understands the business, it has made it possible for the firm to work directly with manufacturers rather than through intermediaries.

This not only means the product travels directly to New Zealand rather than making a stop at a distributor along the way, but it has also enabled this eCommerce firm to form connections that are more likely to benefit social media.

For instance, many of Seaside Skates’ social media posts appeal to the product manufacturer. As such, they will often share them on their own social media platforms. This enables Seaside Skates to access a wider audience that may not necessarily have known the skates were on sale in New Zealand.

Fostering client loyalty

A further advantage of Seaside Skates’ social media strategy is that it has helped to grow a group of “skate buddies,” thereby fostering loyalty and a sense of community and enabling social media’s relationship-building potential to extend to customers. As a consequence, many of Seaside Skates’ customers seize an opportunity to share their own tales and content online.

Of course, attracting new “skate friends” to the website to make purchases is ultimately crucial. Therefore, Seaside Skates has compiled an extensive list of contact addresses and sends out regular newsletters to consumers that focus on knowledge and education.For some promotions, they will also distribute discount codes.

Theyprovide information and educational advice through their newsletter and a significant portion of our social media updates. This can help to educate current and future customers. For instance, some customers don’t always realise that you have both outdoor and indoor wheels. The outdoor wheels make skating more smoother, but people don’t always realise it.

Seaside Skates has shown you can create a genuinely engaged audience that feels like it is a part of something much bigger by creating a sense of community and being generous withtime, conversation, and content. This elevates the relationship above the typical transactional relationship between a retailer and a customer.

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Having an impact on a larger community

Another way in which Seaside Skates has leveraged social media to create a positive business impression is by using it as a platform for social good.

When it comes to sports, roller derby can attract children who may be somewhat lost to traditional athletic pursuits. Having a hobby and a community they love can provide kids with a chance to escape the anxieties of everyday life and stay on the straight and narrow.

In addition to holding holiday programmes and providing skating lessons to the neighbourhood, Seaside Skates offers free skating lessons to anyone who purchases skates from them.

The indoor roller sports facility is still very much in the works, and the community will stay firmly at the centre of Seaside Skates’ strategy. As for the future, the company has some significant ambitions that go beyond New Zealand.

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