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How to Activate activation code

How to Activate activation code

The basic setup of roku is quite simple though there are some chances for error. With expert advice and support, the setup can be done in a matter of minutes. Just follow these steps and their will be no problem.

  • Plug your roku into the television and all the cable correctly.
  • Once the ‘lets get started’ screen is up, press the ok button on your remote.
  • Select your language, if the remote does not work, don’t worry, you need to pair your remote.
  • To Pair the Remote, remove the cover for the battery compartment and and press the pairing button for 10 seconds.
  • Once paired select your language on the screen and press ok.
  • Select your wifi network and connect your Roku to the wifi. Unable to connect to wifi?
  • The roku will check for firmware update and then provide you an alpha numeric code to link your device to your Roku Account. The code expires after a certain amount of time.
  • Go to on your laptop, computer or cellphone and enter that code.
  • Follow the prompts and in 3 easy steps your roku will be activated

Problems you might face when you try to Activate Roku

Following problems might occur when you try to activate –

  1. The roku gives an error such as Roku Error codes like 001, 005, 009, 011, 012, 013, 014, 014.20, 014.30, 014.40, 014.41, and 014.50, 016, 017, 018when you try to connect to the wifi.
  2. The code given on the tv screen expires.
  3. After successfull activation the Roku gets stuck on adding channels.

Roku Unable to connect to wifi?

While Connecting the Roku to the wifi, there are chances for error. Roku has various error codes that help you identify the cause of the problem.

Roku Error codes like 001, 003, 011, 009, 006, 012, 013, 014, 14.20, 14.30, 14.40, 14.41 and 14.50, 016, 017, 018 are most common and pop up on your screen in case if there are any issues with the Internet connection.

Here are some quick and easy steps to resolve your internet connection issue –

  • Connect your Roku device to the Internet in the same way as you connect your mobile device or Laptop.
  • Choose the correct wireless network name and the password, try entering it carefully as the wireless network Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • You can check the wireless network settings on your Roku device. Go to Settings > Network > Check the connection.The settings can check your home network connection and also the wireless signal strength.
  • Check your Router and ensure that it is working properly. Connect any external devices to your network and start checking the network connection.
  • Restart the Roku device and the Router to quickly resolve the issue. Here is how you can perform a quick restart.

Roku Setup

Know the basic setup of the Roku device. For setting up your Roku player, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Join your Roku streaming player to your tv by using the high-speed HDMI cable or composite cables.
    • If your Roku has an ethernet port, use the same port to join to Roku player on your ethernet switch or router.
    • Join the power connector to the Roku player & power adapter to the wall outlet.
    • Your chosen Roku players can be powered by connecting the included USB cable directly with the USB port on tv. The USB port on some tv may not be able to power a Roku player.
    • Open up the battery cover of your remote & insert batteries.
    • Always make sure that you select the right tv input on your tv. You will see a Roku logo on the tv screen as your Roku turns on. You can take the help of Rokucomsupport if you don’t see any picture on your tv.

Never forget to follow these points during the guided setup of Roku

  • Choose your preferred language
  • Connect your Roku to network and internet
  • Wait for Roku player to download the latest software
  • Set the display type
  • Generate a Roku account and activate your Roku player

Roku Error Codes

Error code 009 indicates that Roku device is connected to the router and the network connection is not active.
In case if the error code 012 comes up, ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly to your Roku device and the Router. If the cable is in good condition try restarting the Roku device and the router.
Error code 013 indicates that the router is slow or overworked. Just unplug the router and wait for When your wireless signal strength is poor, your device will start receiving an error code 017 on the screen. Place the Roku device and the router close to each other so that the wireless signal strength can be improved
Go to the settings on your Roku device, choose the option set up connection and start following the onscreen instruction and the error will be resolved automatically.
Try improving the Internet signal bandwidth for resolving the error codes like 018. Start upgrading to a faster Internet connection and check if the issue still persists.

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