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How to begin a career in analytics

How to begin a career in analytics

The field of data analytics is one of the most opportune disciplines in the world of technology. At the same time it is one of the toughest nuts to crack given the high standards maintained in the industry. The large number of open positions often indicate the lack of employable candidates rather than a general shortage of interested applicants. Yes, the most important part of starting a career in analytics is to understand what makes you employable. The issue of employability is a burning one in the Indian IT as well as analytics industry.

Understand the market

The world of data analytics is characterized by continuous change. Five years ago HDFS skills were key to your first entry level data analytics job. Today with clouds doing the heavy lifting, distributed file systems are running out of date fast. There is an acute shortage of Hadoop xperts in the market. But experts think that the demand will be short lived.

The point is, there is more to assessing the market than just looking up vacant positions in a certain vertical. You have to understand the difference between something that is gaining currency and something that is losing it.

Your  choice of an analytics course should be driven by these considerations. A well planned approach is what will give you a strong footing.

Choosing a course that suits your needs

Once you have decided on the sub-field to pursue, it is time to enrol for a course that provides you with a well rounded education. The points of considerations are pretty much the same whether you opt for an online course or an offline programme.

The first thing to make sure is that the curriculum has a proper balance between theoretical and practical training. It should touch up on every aspect of a certain topic while also focusing more on the parts that may come handy in the real world situation.

It serves you well if the members of faculty are well founded in the industry. They should be able to offer you the sort of insights that you can use to navigate the various challenges thrown at you in a pressure situation.

Know what you are getting into

There are a couple of ways that you can use to assess the quality of a course before making an enrolment. The first one is reading student reviews. For instance, you can look up AnalytixLabs Gurgaon reviews in order to know about that particular branch of this elite institute whose branches are spread across India. It is always safer to trace the reviews back to the reviewers. AnalytixLabs lets you look into the LinkedIn profiles of their reviewers and former students. So that is a relief right there.

The other way is to talk directly to the former students. It should not be too hard to get in touch with a few of the former students. You can get a detailed and honest review from them.

Take these steps carefully and you should be off to a very good start.

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