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How to Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice?

How to Submit a DMCA Takedown Notice?

Taking inspiration from an idea and copying it isn’t the same thing. Possibly you might have encountered a situation where some have copied your content and promoted it as their own. What did you do in this situation? You might understand the intensity of the copy whether or not it is fine under the law. But once you know that this isn’t legal, what next? Moreover you have to comprehend whether you want to invest your time and energy to tackle it or not. Because in most cases, even when it is clearly visible that the other person is involved in copyright infringement, it’s difficult to go for legal prosecution.


The best way to deal with it is to submit a DMCA Takedown Notice. Let’s have a glance at how to send a DMCA notice.

Steps to send a DMCA Takedown Notice


1.Get a copy of infringing material


The initial step you should do is get a screenshot of infringing material. On obtaining the DMCA notice, the website host will remove the copyrighted content. Onsist is an anti-piracy service provider that protects companies against online piracy. You can use the service provided by Onsist to send a DMCA Take Down notice to pirates and instruct them to take down the illegal copy of their content.

2.Find Website Host


DMCA protects the website host from getting prosecute for copyright infringement if any of their users posted it or if they have stringent policies to remove the content immediately after the DMCA Notice is sent. Hence it’s important to locate a website host and send a DMCA Notice.

3.Find the copyright agent


Once you locate the website host, the next step is to find the person responsible for the infringement. In legal terms, this person is called a “Copyright Agent.” But how can one locate him? Here’s how to do it –


  • Google the website host, and at the footer, you’ll find an option for “Legal” or “Terms of Use.”


  • Once you open that, you’ll find something as “Copyright,” “Owner for Notice”, “Notice for Copyright Violations”.

4.Draft a DMCA Notice


You might have to draft a notice if the website host doesn’t have a application

form that you can fill and submit. The notice that is drafted and sent to the website host is called “DMCA Takedown Notice” in legal terms. This notice is sent to direct the website host to take down the copyrighted content with immediate action.

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