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How to support your child’s learning

Teachers and schools play an important role in a child’s formative years. But the inclusion of the online learning process has increased the responsibilities of parents and left them wondering how they can support their child’s learning while being at home.

It is true that in today’s learning environment, kids depend more on their parents for educational guidance and support than their teachers. So being a parent, if you are wondering how to support your child’s learning, we have got you covered. Being the best after school program, we have listed some handy steps that will help you with all the why’s and hows of helping your child while they study at home.

●      Create the right environment

Where does your child usually read or review their lessons? You need to create a study corner where they can do all that. You must check whether they have enough space on their desk for their books and laptop. Alongside, check if they have personal folders and school supplies along with everything else that they need.

●      Put a reading book

Reading is an important skill and it is essential for a lot of learning activities. If you want to enhance your children’s performance in Kindergarten and K12, then put a reading book in their room. Finding the perfect spot for reading will encourage them to open their books and dive in.

●      Provide access

Nurture your kid’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge by providing them with a lot of reading materials. Making them accessible will make it easier for your child to look up information about subjects that they’re interested in. It can also drive them to seek further information and read more, which will ultimately improve their reading skills.

●      Offer options

It is good to educate your kids to be independent. Equip them with options and let them choose the best. Let them be in the driver’s seat as much as possible. By providing enough options, your kid recognizes the value of choice and has the freedom to choose, which helps them grow independently rather than dependent on you for everything. They will understand how much their opinion, mindset, thoughts and beliefs matter. You can also enrol your kid in any after school program such as Kumon that focuses on self-learning activities so that your child learns to choose the best option for themselves among many provided options.

It starts off with choices, but by educating them to think for themselves, you won’t have to worry about them growing up with no opinions of their own. Teaching them to take decisions for themselves is just the beginning.

●      Encourage communication

Let your children express their likes and dislikes while communicating in a better way. Create an environment at home that allows them to be comfortable saying what they want or not. That doesn’t mean encouraging disrespect, but only being honest and truthful about their feelings. You shouldn’t discourage them from sharing what they feel, nor ignoring them and their ideas.

●      Teach them to ask for help

Make sure that your kids understand that they can come to you for anything at any time. Whenever something is bothering them, they can talk to you about that. Suppose they have questions about their lessons or assignments, make them know that you’re there and are available if they need help. Similarly, if they feel the same way in class, they shouldn’t hesitate to let the teacher know. They should not feel ashamed to ask for help. Let them know that it’s all right to reach out and let people know you need their help.

●      Focus on their interests

Let your kid explore the topics he/she loves. What concepts and ideas excite them? Find fascinating books or games related to that topic and provide them to your kids. Learning is so much fun when kids come through what they like.

Wrapping It Up

Kumon is the best after school program in India that ensures to provide enhanced support to your child’s learning. Enrolling your child on Kumon and boosting their learning skills will not only improve their K-12 grades and performance but also in their higher education. For more information on The Kumon Method of learning, contact our website.

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