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How to test the security of your mobile application?

How to test the security of your mobile application?

Users expect the app they download to be safe and sound in addition to its features. It is up to the app developer to meet or exceed these expectations. Keeping your mobile app safe from malicious users is not an easy task, but it is a necessity. Mobile app testing is one of the life cycles of SDLC software. 

Why should we measure the security of mobile apps? 

Many of us constantly use our mobile phones as part of our work and personal lives. We store information about work emails, medical information and passwords on mobile devices. The average user thinks that using a smartphone lock is enough to protect information. If you are a relatively professional mobile user or an app developer, you are well aware of important security issues. Issues that are being raised with the expansion of cell phone use. You must have heard scary stories about hacking cell phone information. Also learn about the evolution of mobile apps. From real-time apps to smart apps that manage banking issues. You may have several strategies or exercises for security. But in practice, it is not enough unless you have a mobile application dedicated to testing security strategy.

Ways to test mobile application security tools 

Get to know your environment 

You need to know the usable application platform of your app, and in the next step, you need to know what can be attacked on that mobile operating system. Android, and iOS each have their own security features.

Make a list of the most common vulnerabilities 

The risk of vulnerability in one app may be different from another app you create. It is important when designing an application that you have a risk assessment for different parts of your application. The risk of vulnerability in different parts of the program may be different and get different scores during vulnerability testing. 

Deep defense practice 

Mobile app security testing, similar to web-based software testing, involves a range of differences in types and tools of testing. These tests include static analyzes, dynamic analyzes, and permeability tests. Each component of the mobile software we use may have one of these types of vulnerabilities. Use SDLC for static code analysis before releasing or updating the app. Using dynamic analysis to test the program in an executable environment helps make software processes measurable and reproducible. 

Test mobile software with hypothetical hackers 

This section may be a little confusing to developers. Because they see the code they have written and judge it by what they have written, which they measure more in terms of functionality and simplicity. A hacker’s eyes look at code differently. If you do not know anything about the damage that may be done to your software, it is recommended that you seek help from various sites that have taught these things.

Get help from open source software written to test the security of apps 

In this section, some open source software written for testing the security of mobile applications are introduced.

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