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Importance of House Inspection for a New Paint Job

Importance of House Inspection for a New Paint Job

Getting a new paint job is a big task. But before this complete transformation, it’s important to get a house inspection done. House inspection is the process of checking the exteriors and interiors of the house- including the walls, floors, and ceilings to find any defects. Checking the defects and mending them on time is crucial so that your new paint job is done without any hassle and lasts longer. Here are some major points you may consider to get a house inspection before a new paint job.

To avoid mishaps while painting

Getting a house inspection before a new painting job ensures that all the steps are completed without any hassles or accidents. This is especially important if your house or building is an old one and requires regular repairs. A brand new building should also be inspected to check for any loose ends. 

Painters may face a hard time doing their job if they face a rotten ceiling, or a cracked floor, or loose glass panes on windows. Issues like this would slow down the painting process and may also cause mishaps. Problems in plumbing or electrical circuits should also be repaired on time. Such issues must be fixed before the painting process begins.

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To have a long-lasting paint job

Having a house inspection before painting gives you a clear idea about the faults in the house. You will get a good idea about which area of the house is prone to water-leakages and fungal growths among other problems. You can also spot issues like wall cracks and peeling paints. All these problems should be cleaned up thoroughly before the painting can begin.

House inspection gives a clear roadway to prep the walls in the most satisfactory manner so that primers and paints can be applied smoothly. If there are issues like water leakage or hairline cracks, you may go for a waterproof coating for the interiors and exteriors to avoid them in the future. Prepping the walls carefully can give you better chances of having a smooth finish of the paint. It allows for the paint to stick for a longer amount of time.

Helps you save money and time

House inspection may seem like an overhead cost initially, but it is actually a practical investment against extra expenditure in the future. Imagine that you get your paint job by putting in a lot of money and time and within two months a water leakage. This will completely destroy the look of your home decor. You will have to get waterproofing services and get your walls redone to retain a decent look.

This is a great hassle that can be easily avoided if you just take the simple precautionary measure of getting a house inspection before the painting. It will give you a clear idea of what needs repair and then you can take a step-by-step approach to help you save money and time.

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House inspection is a very important process that should be done for any house within 4 to 5 years. Getting it done before a new paint job can be very beneficial to you in many ways.

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