Info about 2022 MX-30 – The Electric Car from Mazda

Mazda MX-30 is the first electric car from this car manufacturer. Everyone is excited about this vehicle andperformance is what gets people thrilled about this car. It is a Mazda so;it isn’t difficult to believe that it will not only perform remarkable but also look excellent. You can get it by visiting Mazda dealer serving Tempe and Phoenix. So, take a look at this electric vehicle in detail!

Interior and exterior

The MX-30 is known for using sustainable and natural materials for building the cabin of this vehicle. For example, upholstery is made from several different aspects like breathable fabric, cork, recycled plastics, and more. Also, the cabin space is enough for adults to sit comfortably in the front as well as the back.

One of the most notable features of this vehicle is that of the floating design of center console. Also, the digital screen will be responsible for the control of car’s climate,and behind this screen is available storage space for people to use as their need.

Numerous features are made a standard that makes this electric car even more desirable for people. These standard features include a large gauge digitized display, power sunroof, auto-dimming option for rearview mirror, etc.

The exterior is also excellent and looks a little bit futuristic in design. This is due to its sleek body style and powertrain provided. The headlights along with the frontgrille look like the eyes and nose of the vehicle. The frontgrille is kept small in vertical length and that adds to the uniqueness as most Mazda cars consist of a large front grille design.

Also, for now, a few different colors are available to people. If you want to know more about the chassis and other details, visit Tempe and Phoenix Mazda dealership.

Electric powertrain

Electric motor of this vehicle offers 143 horsepower, which is responsible for powering front wheels of this vehicle. For now, no AWD option is offered to people. If there is a hybridoption later, AWD might come into the scene. Also, it hasenough acceleration to make it an ideal car for driving around in a city.

Sharp steering features and eager handling is what ensures that people enjoy smooth driving when inside the cabin of this vehicle. Though the battery pack is just of 30kWh it will offer you 100 miles of driving after fully charging it once.

Base and Premium Plus are two trims that are available for 2022 MX-30. The first one is priced at $36,645, while the latter will cost you only $37,655. The difference between the two trims is due to certain features, which is why you need to get the premium Plus trim for yourself.

Though there are several electric cars present in the market, you can always check this model as it offers enough mileage and power to drive around in city limits. However, like most other electric cars, it is not suitable for a long drive unless you have an additional charging aspect if it runs out of battery. So, visit today and get a unit booked quickly!

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