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Launch an on-demand grocery delivery app like Buymie in Dublin: Complete Guide

Launch an on-demand grocery delivery app like Buymie in Dublin: Complete Guide

Dublin has made necessary amends, with people worldwide anticipating and gearing up for the new normal. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is witnessing an on-demand app wave, mighty enough to swoop the local markets. 

Buymie – a familiar name for people availing online grocery delivery services in Ireland. As the first platform to introduce same-day delivery or schedule orders up to seven days in the region, Buymie has become the go-to destination for people amid the ‘social distancing’ era. 

The convenience of online ordering, fueled with the COVID-19 fears, creates a new trend – on-demand apps. Smartphones are proving inevitable in this pandemic situation. A successful entrepreneur ventures into the right market at the right time. Needless to say, the ideal time to venture into the grocery delivery market is NOW. 

In this blog, let’s look at how Buymie managed to grab a significant portion of the Dublin market. We’ll also look into the prospects of introducing a grocery delivery app solution like Buymie in Dublin. 

Buymie’s in the news! 

Dublin-based Buymie has been one of the most successful startups in the Irish market. The online grocery delivery provider, founded in 2015, lured the audience with captivating strategies and accessibility. Following the COVID-19 restrictions, the startup witnessed a surge in order rates by 300%. This massive number has led the founders of Buymie to expand its service in almost every Irish city. 

The ground-breaking news is Buymie’s collaboration with Co-op, a giant in the UK’s grocery market. This team-up will pave the way for same-day deliveries to almost 200,000 households in Bristol. The startup chose Bristol to be its first UK deployment. 

This partnership aims at making the online delivery service available to customers via 650 stores in the community. Co-op customers can access almost 4000 products, with no minimum order value, via the Buymie app. 

Buymie’s success mantra makes it straightforward for every budding startup – ease, speed, and convenience can do wonders! 

Visualize what you need 

The first step in building a successful app involves having a clear picture of what you will introduce. Differentiating challenges from opportunities is crucial. A simple SWOT analysis can help you analyze your resources, devise a feasible plan, and create sustainable goals. 

Visualize your on-demand grocery app in hand. People download and register with it. Now, as they begin to navigate through the app, have you decided on your best-suited business model? Is it a single-store or an aggregator model? With the latter, users get to know the available stores that can provide services, and with the former, users have direct access to products. 

It depends on the entrepreneur’s resources to identify and fix the business model. Now, users load products into the cart. They proceed to checkout. Keeping digitization in mind, have you integrated multiple digital payment options for people? Is there an option for cash on delivery as well? Users either proceed to payment or abandon the cart based on these vital payment options. 

If you’re about to manage an in-house delivery chain, ensure that you understand their operations. On the whole, while it is easy to have the idea, growing and transforming it into a successful business needs an entrepreneurial mindset to grasp numerous activities and execute them flawlessly. 

Gather resources based on the needs 

Now that you have streamlined your ideas and reached a stage where you’re acquainted with the whole process, the next step involves gathering resources. Answering your demands can help you identify your most needed resources. Some of the fundamental questions that can provide you insights include, 

  • How am I going to approach app development? 
  • What is the latest tech-stack that can create an impact? 
  • What is my budget, and what are the areas that need excessive spending? 

Accumulating resources based on these needs can help you eliminate unnecessary resources. You may find all these questions interrelated in one way or the other. An entrepreneur always adds the jigsaw’s final piece, narrowing their needs and widening their chances of success. 

Devise a plan and adhere to it 

App development is quite tedious without a feasible plan. It will help if you have a dedicated team to share your visions, work on the app, and ensure that you stay focused on the end-product throughout the journey. To make things easier, devise a timeline that suits you. Make sure that the entire team adheres to the plan and achieves goals from time-to-time. This way, you can have milestones to achieve, breaking down the entire process into sustainable goals. 

It is pointless to have a vision without knowing how to acquire the dream and transform it into reality. 

Have you decided on your app development style? 

The all-important team discussed in the previous section involves experts from various streams working in unison to develop a grocery delivery app. A primary app development team involves, 

  • Graphic designers
  • Business strategists 
  • Project manager
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Web developers 
  • Back-end developers
  • Quality Assurance engineers

Did you know that app development from scratch takes a minimum of 3- 5 months? Have you gathered enough resources to stay organized? Or are you planning for the more optimized, budget-friendly route? 

What if there’s a way to launch a grocery delivery app like Buymie within a few weeks? With the advancements in modern technology, this instant launch is very much a possibility. Clone apps are the current trend among entrepreneurs. You can reach out to app development companies, customize their grocery delivery app solution, and launch your custom-built Buymie clone immediately. 

Are you planning for an all-in-one app? 

Now that you know you can launch an app within a matter of a few days, did you know that you can provide numerous services with a single app? Yes, with a Gojek clone, you can offer more than 50 services through a single multi-service app. This way, you can draw people’s attention, looking for various services, including grocery delivery, food delivery, ride-hailing, home services, digital payments, etc. 

In this COVID-19 era, where people rely on smartphones, launching a multi-service app can lure the audience towards your platform, boosting your success. 


Dublin-based startup Buymie is capitalizing on the growing need for doorstep services by leveraging the online medium. You needn’t wait any longer for the time to venture into this flourishing segment. 

Having a clear picture of what you’re going to develop can help you eliminate hurdles down the way. Gathering resources and devising a plan can yield fruitful results in due course. Rolling out a multi-service app can enable you to gain instant traction. Reach out to an app development company, customize your multi-service app, and launch your Gojek clone right away. 

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