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Most Common Ways of Fender Repair

Most Common Ways of Fender Repair

If your car has got involved in a fateful accident, the first thing that will be invariably damaged is the fender. It is a part of your car that is meant to save your life and the rest of the car body and other mechanisms from the brunt of a collision.

You must have heard the terms fender and bumper that are often interchangeablyused, but in reality they are two different parts of a vehicle, serving different purposes. The fender connects either to the front or the rear bump of a vehicle, and frame the outside part of the wheels. They are meant to protect the wheels of a car. So, when the fender gets damaged in a car accident, one might be wondering if it is repairable in the first place, and if yes, how? To get some authentic answers to such common questions, we paid a visit to the famous Hayden fender repair center, and there the mechanics took pleasure in explaining to us the same. They also showed us, the different kinds of fender repair, based on the kinds of damages they face.

Scratch Repair

If the fender suffers from ugly scratches, the mechanics usually follow two different ways to repair them. What we mean to say is that the scratches on a fender can be easily repaired. In some cases, if there are minor scratches observed on the fender, it can be buffed out. But if the scratch goes deep, it can be filled in before it is buffed out and painted in order to get rid of the scratches.

Dent Repair

Many of the dents can be pulled out from the surface of a fender since there are various ways to pull them out. In most cases suction is the way to pull the dents out of a fender. The other way is pounding a dent or filling it in, but these methods are not recommended that often, since they can damage other internal mechanisms. But if the dent appears to be too adamant, you might need to replace the fender.

Cracks and Breaks

The most severe damage that can happen to a fender is a crack or a break. If a crack or a break surfaces on a fender, the technician will first need to measure the extent of the break to determine, which will be the ideal way of repairing it.

If it can undergo a reinforcement and be filled in, a technician will try to try these first. But if the crack or break appears to be too large, the only way out to address the issue is to replace it. But we must make you aware of the fact that getting a perfect fender for your car model might not always look so easy, especially of your car model is a discontinued one, or if it is a model too old.

To sum up, let is assure you that if your car got involved in an accident and it needs an automotive collision repair, look for a reputed place like the center of fender repair near Hayden.

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