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Myth of Free Spy Apps for Android

Myth of Free Spy Apps for Android

Are you trying to spy on an android phone? I know you would prefer to have a free spy app for android. Do you know you are wasting time by using the free tools to monitor and track cellphone devices? Free Android applications are using you as a product. The myth of spying on phones for free has been solved. Now there is no need to get your hands on the applications that trap people online to set parental control on kids and to spy on employees business owned devices for free. You need to get your hands on the tracking software for phone that will remain hidden and work without root.

 Free spying apps using you like a product you need to know

We have read a quotation that if you are not paying for a product then you are the product. Free applications are doing the same using android users as a product by tracking their location, stealing cellphone data, and many more without user’s consent. However, paid spy products enable users to remove the monitored data whenever they need to.

How free spy apps are breaching your privacy? –Stats 

Free spying applications are secretly breaching user’s privacy and steal confidential information for many non-legitimate reasons that are as follows. 

  • More than 25% of the tracking apps for android get permissions of location and cameras
  • Almost 7% of spying applications are secretly to target messages and conversations
  • More than 3% of the apps can initiate calls on phone devices
  • 6% of the surveillance app gets microphone permissions

 Therefore, free spying apps are consistently stealing your data on the target device and then use the data for any illegal activities. So, rather than allowing any monitoring app to breach your privacy on the name of services for free, you need to employ the best spy app to set parental control on kids and to keep an eye on employees. Don’t allow free android monitoring apps to use you as product! 

Employ legitimate spy apps for android

There are plenty of tracking apps available on the web. The apps provide paid services but take care of your private data and don’t share your privacy with anyone. These applications don’t encourage intrusive and illicit surveillance. Further, the best spying monitoring software for employees  apps are easy to install and provide the following features that empower you to monitor and track any cellphone device to the fullest. 

Live screen recording

You can use the android spy app  feature that records the real-time screen of the target phone remotely. Users can record videos of the phone screen and send them to the web control panel. Users can watch the videos to know about the target device user activity.

Social media spy

Social media monitoring has become necessary for tracking kid’s online activities and to prevent employee’s time-wasting activities. You can use the social media messenger spying app to read social network logs. Free tracking apps are unable to monitor trendy social messaging apps and your private conversations are at stake.

GPS location tracking

Cell phone spy software can track the GPS location of any mobile device remotely. It empowers you to monitor location history, weekly and daily location history. Users can also mark safe and prohibited areas.

Keystrokes logging

Users can monitor keystrokes on phone devices secretly, like passwords, messages, and email keystrokes without root. On the other hand, a free spy product may require rooting the target device.

Read messages

Users can read text messages remotely on the target phone with a schedule using the text messages spying app.

Email spy  

You can monitor and read sent and received emails on the target device using the hidden spy app for android on your target device.

 Block messages, internet & incoming calls 

Users can block messages, internet and incoming calls on target cell phones running with the android operating systems. 

How to install Android spying software?

Don’t waste your time and energy on free spy solutions for cellphones. You need to subscribe to the best mobile tracking app to set parental control and keep an eye on employees. You can get a subscription by visiting the webpage. In response, you will get an email that provides you credentials. Now you can get physical access on the phone and start the installation process. After configuration hidden spying software on the target device, you can activate it on the device for sure. You need to access the secure web control panel and activate the features.


Free android tracking apps are not reliable enough to fulfill your demands.  Employ the most advanced and powerful android monitoring software to protect kid’s online privacy and business safety. Don’t use those applications that are meant to use you as a product. 

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