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We Love To Read Manga, Always and Everywhere

We Love To Read Manga, Always and Everywhere

Many bookworms even today, in the era of digitization and technical convenience, prefer classic printed books to their electronic counterparts. Why is that so? It is both a habit and an ignorance of the matter. Yes it’s right. Many of us are opposed to e-books, even though they have never tried them.

Why read Manga Online

Always at hand

The main advantage of electronic books is their availability and storage. Those who often travel or spend a lot of time in vehicles (if they do not drive) know about it. They don’t have to take a thick book with them that would take up space in their luggage, nor do they have to worry about running out of supplies for holiday reading. All you need is a single reading device, for example in the form of a reader or tablet, which – with a bit of exaggeration – will replace the entire National Library.

Make the reading process easier

Reading devices, especially specialized e-book readers, can make the reading process easier for you. They can change the font size and font, which will certainly be welcomed by people with vision problems. And what about the possibility of searching, which would be welcomed by many lovers of intricate detective stories, who get lost in the story, and especially in the characters! In addition, e-books can be used to mark text or insert a note. And if, like me, you lose your bookmarks and then search in vain for the passage you just read manga, then you can get rid of these fears – in the reader, of course, the file opens in the last place read.

Easy to Purchase

The advantage of e-books is also the method of purchase. Just choose a title, order it online and in a few seconds you can read manga in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait for the book to arrive by mail, or squeeze in line at a bookstore, hoping that someone will overtake you in the case of a requested bestseller. This is especially true at this pre-Christmas time, when visits to stone shops are not pleasant.


We must not forget about affordability. E-books are a bit cheaper than classic paper books, which is understandable, because the publisher does not need as much money for their production. In addition, by purchasing e-books, we protect forests, which is great news for those who are not indifferent to our environment.

It would seem that e-books have the same advantages, yet I don’t think they will ever completely replace a classic book. Again, there are several reasons. Especially the older generation has different reading habits and is not as technically literate as those born earlier. However, even the youngest readers will certainly not reject the classic book in the near future – it has its charm.

comic book 

Books are often artistically unique, in which, in addition to the content itself, we also admire the binding, cover, quality of the paper, illustrations, That rustling! And if you are one of the collectors who like to brag about new additions on the shelf or in a specialized place in the bookcase, then there is no need to solve anything!

Another advantage of a classic book is that you will never run out of flashlight, while a reader or tablet needs to constantly think about how much time you have left to discharge. The solution would be the introduction of solar charging, which we know for example in calculators, but so far it is only available in some readers.

In discussions on social networks, disputes between supporters of classic books and followers of the more modern path are constantly repeated. The solution is simple. Compromise. I currently use both myself; I still prefer classic books, but when I go on a business trip or vacation, I pack a reader with me instead of books. And let’s go. No unnecessary luggage and no fear of reading.


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