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Why are Integrated Learning Systems Trending in School Education

Why are Integrated Learning Systems Trending in School Education

The Government of India has started opening schools and colleges in a phased manner as the COVID-19 pandemic has no near end in sight. We have to find a way to go back to normalcy in education as our utmost priority. But definitely, not at the risk of spreading the virus further. It’s time to focus on the logistics of a safe school in the new normal instruction materials, curriculum, and new learning systems.

Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) are the new buzz word in the education industry that has completely transformed how we look at the education system. This is a very creative and pragmatic solution to tackle the learning needs of students amidst this pandemic. All the apex academia-education bodies, including CBSE & NCERT, are of the opinion that a hybrid learning model of education must be implemented post lockdown.

This write-up explores the hybrid learning model’s scope, blended curriculum, and integrated learning systems as we advance to revamp the education system. You have to find the perfect technology and Integrated Learning System for your school to align it with the current times.


Integrated Learning Systems are cool technology solutions invented by the ed-tech industry to solve the challenges the education sector faces in the 21st century, challenges that the traditional learning systems fail to address. These systems combine hardware and software solutions to deliver education content online. It provides various assessment, monitoring, and management tools to measure, monitor, and maintain effective content delivery.

These systems use various tools, media, and multimedia methodologies to enhance students’ learning process. They focus uniquely on each student’s learning experience based on their needs, interests and weakness. It discards the traditional teaching and learning methods. Students can learn in any way suitable for them by accessing the material, taking interactive quizzes, using multimedia, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. And all if this is possible to access from the comfort of their homes. They just need an internet-enabled gadget – a laptop, tablet, a smartphone with a good internet connection.

Technology solutions for schools such as Integrated Learning Systems can make the online learning medium efficient and effective. They offer integrated technology and curriculum solutions to schools. They enable the schools to impart better and advanced education at all times. The companies that offer such solutions have developed their own high-quality learning content for students, teaching resources for teachers, technology for schools to monitor students’ performance, and a platform where parents can monitor their child’s academic performance.

Various reports of UNESCO highlight the importance of online classes in today’s world. The online classes’ industry is rapidly mushrooming, with more and more schools adopting this way of dispensing education. The need of the hour is to come up with comprehensive and inclusive solutions such as Integrated Learning Systems to create an engaging learning environment.


These systems help schools maintain high educational standards and provide a cent per cent complete school experience even in the virtual environment. They transform the entire pedagogical systems that you are currently using in line with the present demands.

It makes education affordable for weaker socio-economic sections with high aspirations by providing them scholarships with the money saved from cutting down on various administrative costs after implementing Integrated Learning Systems. They reduce the costs of running a school significantly lower.

The Integrated Learning Systems have spread their roots widely ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 as the schools had to switch to online classes overnight quickly. The new system of dispensing education in distance mode via digital classes needs to be complemented by efficient software and hardware solutions to make the delivery seamless.

A smart Integrated Learning System allows managers, administrators, teachers, parents, and moderators to monitor the student’s performance as it has a good feedback system in place. These days many companies are working on refining the user interface of these systems. They provide an easy-to-use app with access to dashboards to help all the stakeholders to monitor anybody’s progress. For instance, a student can check his assessment by logging into his account, and a teacher can provide feedback to any student via ILS quickly. Also, the parents can connect with the teacher’s and take cognisance of their kid’s performance.

One of the most significant benefits of these systems is that the learners can track their progress in real-time. They can check the status from their panel after submission, whether or not it has been evaluated. Teachers can monitor each student’s progress individually at the touch of a button and provide their progress report accordingly.

If you do some market research, you will find that many of these Integrated Learning Systems have in-built dashboards, assessment trackers and reporting suites that enable the stakeholders to generate a host of reports whenever they like. McKinsey reports suggest that most users find a significant improvement in their productivity, efficiency, and transparency after incorporating Integrated Learning System in the new education model.

It would help you adopt an integrated offline-online learning strategy and a hybrid learning model to provide a seamless learning experience to your students. Therefore, you need to invest in the right Integrated Learning System in your school to conduct learning without gaps in digital classes. 


It is evident that an Integrated Learning System (ILS) is a one-stop-solution to provide modern-day digital classes seamlessly as they provide you with all the training tools and assistance at the click of a button. Therefore, you must adopt a good one; there’s no debate around that.

We need to change our education pedagogy in line with the current times. We need impeccable planning and implementation of modern, technology-driven systems and solutions to miraculously do away with the old examination-dominated education system’s vices. You can mull over what we have discussed in order to adapt these new systems to suit your needs effectively.

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