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Why are Racking Storage Systems Common In Warehouses?

Why are Racking Storage Systems Common In Warehouses?

Manufacturing industries have been coming up with technologies and items to maximize warehouse features and improve storage. Different storage units have since come up, and steel shelving units are quite popular. They can withstand heavy loads and allow easy access and retrieval. A perfect example is the steel racking system in Malaysia. These units come in varied sizes and designs, and you can use them to store different kinds of goods.

Why do warehouses prefer racking storage shelves?

1.Enhanced safety

All states have health and safety regulations, and not abiding by these rules can land any warehouse owner in trouble. Improper storage can boost the likelihood of injuries to workers, which can be costly. Common accidents in warehouses involve items falling from shelves and inflicting injuries to workers. 

These can lead to lawsuits and personal injury compensation claims, which can cost thousands of dollars. However, installing quality shelving units ensures safe storage, thus minimizing such accidents.

2. Space-saving

Warehouses handle high volumes of goods and space is of the essence. Many require racking shelves to ensure proper and organized storage for goods. Also, racking units allow easy access and better display of stored items. This then makes them handy for all warehouses and manufacturing companies. There are different types of racking systems, and heavy-duty or steel racks are trendy. They not only save space but also withstand bulky loads. They help reduce clutter and boost productivity.

3. Proper & Efficient storage

No customer wants to receive damaged goods, and racking shelves help avoid this issue. They store goods safely thanks to their sturdy nature. This avoids falls and breakages, which can lead to losses and health hazards in warehouses.

4. Easy access

Warehouses handle items in bulk, and accessing this can be a real challenge. It can also take a lot of time to locate a single item and keep clients waiting. However, installing shelving systems eases access and makes it easy to load or offload. Many racking shelves ensure easy access to stored goods. These are, for example, the single rivet Boltless Rack Shelving, which allows you to access items from all sides.

What are the common types of warehouse storage systems?

Storage systems are a major investment in any warehouse. They come in many categories to fit different warehouse floor plans. They include;

  • Static shelving
  • Mobile shelving
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Pallet racking
  • Multi-tier racking 
  • Wire partitions

These come in various sizes and costs, and you can get ideal units for your storage needs.

A quick wrap up

Racking systems play a critical role in war house storage. The good thing about these units is that you can get them in different sizes and shapes. Still, you can customize them to match your warehouse storage needs. And this depends on the type and size of goods in your warehouse.

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