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Why diamond is always the first choice for engagement rings?

Why diamond is always the first choice for engagement rings?

When we think of an engaged woman, we often imagine a big sparkling rock on her finger. Although couples married for years mostly sport a golden or platinum band, but when it comes to engagement, having a diamond ring has become the norm over the years. In fact, with the saying that ‘a diamond is a girl’s best friend’, they have somehow started symbolising love and togetherness. This is the reason when a guy thinks of proposing to his girl, it almost always is a diamond ring. So how did diamonds come to be the first preference for engagement rings? And since when? Let us find out.

The Early Days

Long ago, sometime around the 12th century, the Church wedding rules were pretty strict. It was customary for the bride to receive a ring from the groom and it had to be a golden band. But over the years. The logic behind a wedding ring was the veins in the ring finger connect directly to the heart and gold is a metal that is beneficial to health when it stays in constant touch with the skin. So the tradition started and till date is followed by couples around the world. Golden bands were also convenient for daily use and so the popularity rose.

Adding the sparkle

Earlier diamonds were not used for aesthetic purposes. They had industrial uses and were used and showpieces to ward off evil in many countries. This changed when De Beers introduced them as jewelry pieces and especially in rings. Since then the popularity increased. Even today the Hatton garden engagement ring shops in London are almost always flooded with shoppers to pounce at the latest designs.

Why are diamonds chosen for engagement rings?

  • They’re rare

A diamond is essentially a rock. So what gives it so much value? The fact that it is rare. It is a rare rock mined from under the Earth. Jewel companies marketed the stone as a symbol of everlasting relationships because just as the diamond, the relationship is also supposed to be rare and out of the world. The symbolism appealed to people and they started investing in diamond rings for engagements.

  • Long-lasting

The ‘diamonds are forever’ logic was hammered onto people. Diamond is the hardest material in the world and since engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime (ideally), the hardest rock seemed like the perfect choice since it was durable, would never lose its shine and look classy too.

  • Affordable synthetic diamonds

Since the invention of man-made or synthetic diamonds, purchasing a diamond ring has become very affordable. Organic diamonds are a lot more expensive but with the synthetic alternative, now it has become possible for even not-so-rich people to afford a diamond ring for their engagement.

  • Diamonds are exquisitely stunning

They’re simply the prettiest. Honestly, do you even need any other reason? There are so many designs and varieties of diamond rings and each one of them turns out to be prettier than the one before. They are just gorgeous and most definitely a coveted jewellery item.

Due to the rising demand for diamond engagement rings, new designs are brought to the market every year.  So if you’re looking for an engagement ring london, do check the latest and most trending designs for diamond rings in the market.

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