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Why Extensive Air Polishers Are Ideal Polishing Tools  In Dentistry

Why Extensive Air Polishers Are Ideal Polishing Tools In Dentistry

In the field of dentistry, teeth polishing is one of the main treatments which dentists provide. When it comes to removing superficial staining in teeth, extensive air polishers can be a great option; the devices work great than the traditional rubber cup polishing. According to scientific research, hygienists those who use air polishers during patient care spent less time doing the time-consuming tooth cleaning job.

Even though most dentists are using air polishers nowadays, most are still unaware of this tool’s benefits. This is why either these doctors end up giving poor quality treatment or choose the wrong polisher device. Since tooth polishing is growing in demand, every dentist must learn the benefits of this fantastic tool. 

In this article, we will mainly talk about the advantages of using extensive air polishers in dentistry. 

Silent Operation 

One of the major benefits of the extensive air polishers is the silent operation. The air that flows within the polisher’s tubular column doesn’t make any noise, so your patients wouldn’t get scared with the tool. Also, as no moving component is present in this pneumatic dental tool, you won’t feel any vibrations while using the tool. 

Easy Handling Of The Tool

Air polishers are very lightweight. Also, they have a fantastic structure which dentists can easily hold in between their fingers. Being a lightweight tool, doctors won’t have to put extra effort in cleaning the grooves and fissures. This way, you will be able to finish the treatments without any pain in the wrists. 

Highly Comfortable And Safe Treatment 

When patients visit a dentist, they worry about the discomfort they will experience during any treatment, be it polishing the surfaces of the teeth or the dental implantations. This is why using the extensive air polishers will help the doctors to put their patients at ease. Unlike other traditional polishing methods, the airflow technology releases the air at a softer speed. Hence, no patient will be in discomfort or feel any pain. Apart from this, using air polishers is a safer option since air wouldn’t cause any harm to the cementum or the surrounding tissues. 

Faster Working 

Most dental treatments take much time, and hence dentists usually have to take a lesser number of appointments. This not only reduces productivity but also affects financial stability. That’s why one should use medical equipment which are fast and reliable, as the extensive air polishers. These tools use compressed airflow to clean the surface of the tooth. The speed of the airflow can be controlled easily with a power button. Hence, a dentist will be able to finish up every polishing work efficiently within a shorter time. 

Does Not Affect The Softer Dental Tissues 

The gums surround the teeth and both the jaws have softer gums which can get affected if traditional methods of polishing are used. It has been observed that in most cases, the softer tissues suffer from trauma and either get injured or suffer from redness. This is where the extensive air polishers come in. This particular tool produces the air in a streamlined form, which is why a dentist will focus only on the tooth. Also, since the muzzle can be changed, a thinner flow of air can be produced to clean the areas around the gums. 


Compared to the same old traditional polishing cup, air polishers are more effective when it comes to removing stains. With so many benefits, dentists should try using extensive air polishers for polishing the teeth

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