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Why is my Spectrum Internet not working?

Why is my Spectrum Internet not working?

Difficult and unexpected times brings along different challenges. Presently, we are in a crisis with no clear pathway that will lead us towards a better future. COVID19 has brought a lot of challenges along with the anxiety that is caused when you are forced to stay at home without knowing what will happen to you, your family, and your country. 

We are facing economic downfall but a good internet is an integral part of our work now, we do need a good cable TV connection to stay entertained and a home phone to stay connected with our loved ones. Spectrum is the right choice as they are the 2nd best providers but one thing is inevitable and that is the internet issues, whenever you face issues with the service be it the internet or cable TV you can always approach spectrum customer support at localcabledeals.com in a troublesome situation. Spectrum customer service is available 24/7 so you can easily report your issues.

There can be a number of reasons due to which your internet is not working but there are some simple hacks. If your internet is not working properly you can try some hacks and see if it works because this will allow you to save your time. Who doesn’t like to save time and fix issues quickly anyway?

  • Try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi
  • Reboot your equipment
  • Reset your Wi-Fi password
  • Reset the devices that are connected
  • Run a speed test
  • Report to check if there is an outage

Try to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi

Most of the time people report issues of slow internet speed that can be fixed if you can find out what can be causing your Wi-Fi to work slower. Check the cable connection if it is interrupted or not, there might be something that is stuck in the cable which can cause your Wi-Fi to stop working properly. Another important factor that is often overlooked by many users is the placement of their Wi-Fi. You need to make sure that your Wi-Fi router is placed in a room where you will be using your internet. You will get better internet signals if your router and modem are placed closer to you.

Simple hacks can bring drastic changes in the quality of the internet signal that you are getting. Wi-Fi signals should have a clear pathway and if you pay closer attention and see if your router is placed closer to the microwave over, change the position of your Wi-Fi. Microwave ovens emit radioactive rays that can create a hurdle in the internet signals. All these things can affect the internet signals.

Reboot your equipment

As simplistic as it may sound it is a hack that works most of the time. Check your equipment and turn it off, after a few minutes turn it on again. This simple step can help to clear the previous memory or any bugs that can affect your internet speed. Rebooting your equipment will refresh it and it will start working fine.

Reset your Wi-Fi password

There is much software that can help people to crack your Wi-Fi password and there can be a possibility that someone else is using it or causing it to work slowly. You can change the password of your Wi-Fi connection, you can change it by logging into your Spectrum app and adding your credentials. Once you change the password, notice if it improves your internet speed issue.

Reset the devices that are connected with Wi-Fi

Once you have changed the password of your Wi-Fi you should also reset the devices that are connected with your Wi-Fi. This will help your devices to get refreshed and it will start working fine. Refreshing your device is very important as it always acts as an energy booster for our gadgets.

Run a speed test

Many apps are available now that you can use to check if you are getting the right internet speed or not. Firstly, you should know what is the internet speed that you have signed up for and if you are not aware of it you can check it on your bill. Make sure that all the other devices that are connected with your Wi-Fi are turned off at that time when you are going to run a speed test so you can get an accurate result. If there is an issue with the speed you can report it to the customer service department.

Report to check if there is an outage 

You can call the customer service number to find out if there is any outage from the back end. You can also report the issue that you are facing to the customer service rep and ask them to resolve it for you.

Summing It Up,

There can be various reasons behind any internet issue. You can try the hacks that we have mentioned for you if you are facing issues with your internet. You can also approach the customer service department to find out the reason but most of the time these hacks work and hopefully it will work for you.

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