Comfast WiFi Extender Keeps Crashing? Let’s Get It Fixed!

Comfast WiFi Extender Keeps Crashing? Let’s Get It Fixed!

Is your Comfast range extender keeps crashing? If your WiFi device is experiencing problems, try changing the firmware on it. Why did this occur? You tried updating the firmware on your Comfast WiFi extender but it didn’t help, right? No luck so far?

If you’ve exhausted all other options and your WiFi device still crashes, then it’s likely that the ‘Combine WiFi’ function is to blame. Relax! There isn’t much you need to do to resolve the problem. You may turn it off by selecting the corresponding option.

Fixed: Comfast WiFi Extender Keeps Crashing

  1. Turn Off Combine WiFi Function

By following the detailed instructions provided below, you can easily turn off the ‘Combine WiFi’ on your Comfast WiFi range extender.

In order to fix the “Comfast extender keeps crashing” problem, you are required to follow the steps outlined below:

  • Fire up your browser

Get things rolling by connecting your Comfast extender to the primary WiFi source. Use a wired connection instead of a wireless one to provide the best possible connection between your devices. In addition, be sure your extender can connect to the internet reliably and quickly.

If you can’t access the Comfast range extender setup wizard, your device will crash and you won’t be able to prevent it from crashing.

  • Switch On Your Laptop

Turn on your laptop when you have successfully created a secure connection between your Comfast range extender and router. Launch a web browser on your machine (choices include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge). As long as it’s up-to-date, you’re welcome to use whichever browser you choose.

Before using your web browser, make sure to clear its cache, cookies, trash files, and browsing history.

  • Visit the Comfast webpage

The next step is to access the Comfast setup wizard. So, go to the browser’s address box and enter ap.setup. You should hit the Enter key. The login screen for the Comfast range extender loads. To use your device, you’ll need to enter the default administrator information. Then, in the blanks provided, enter the login and password your extender provided by default. In order to access your extender, you must first click the Login option.

Please use the default IP address if you are unable to use ap.setup to access your Comfast WiFi range extender. You may not be familiar with your device’s default IP address. Don’t worry! To learn more about your Comfast router, see the user guide.

  • Go to the Preferences menu

The first thing you should do after logging into your extender is to access the settings.

  • Select the Wireless option in the Settings menu.

  • The screen will transition to the Wireless Settings panel.

  • Click the “Combine WiFi” drop-down menu and deselect the box.

  • Next, choose the modifications you want to keep and click the Apply option.

Check whether the “Comfast extender keeps crashing” problem persists after deactivating Combine WiFi. If that’s not the case, try restarting your gadget.

  1. Reboot Your Comfast Extender

To learn how to reboot your Comfast range extender, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your WiFi booster and disconnect all your devices.

  • Turn off the wireless adapter.

  • Put the Comfast range extender to bed for a while.

  • After that, reconnect your gadget to its power supply.

  • Start up the Comfast wireless range extender.

  • Now, watch the LED until it becomes a greenish color.

To Sum Up

If your Comfast extender continues crashing, you should be able to fix the problem after trying the aforementioned hacks. Just in case they are also of no avail it is recommended that you go through the settings menu of your Comfast and check if it is configured correctly. If not, then don’t wait to restore it to factory settings and perform Comfast WiFi extender setup from scratch.

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