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Additional Benefits of Opening a Savings Account with IndusInd Bank

Savings accounts are popular among countless Indians because they help keep your money safe, manage your savings, and earn interest on them over time. So, if you want to open a savings account of your own, get started with IndusInd Bank.

You might already have a savings account but chances are that you need another investment option to meet your financial goals. In this case, IndusInd Bank’s online savings accounts can be a convenient option for you. As a new customer, all you need to provide is your PAN and Aadhar Card, and your account will be ready within minutes.

So why choose IndusInd Bank’s services? Apart from the convenience and liquidity of savings accounts, IndusInd Bank’s online savings accounts offer several additional benefits. To learn more about them, keep on reading!

Open an Account Online

From opening a savings account to managing it, every process is 100% online. You can open your online savings account with just a few clicks and transfer funds to it using any digital payment method of your choice.

With internet banking and mobile banking services, you can view your account statement and make transactions without the hassle of visiting a branch. If you want to start a fixed deposit or recurring deposit, you can create them online and pull funds into them from your savings account- no paperwork required!

High Interest Rates

IndusInd Bank’s savings accounts offer high rates of interest so that you can earn substantial returns from your savings. You can make the most of this offering by the method of compounding, where you can earn interest on both the deposited amount and the generated returns.

Choose Your Account

No two customers are alike, and the same applies to their banking needs. This is why IndusInd Bank offers an opportunity to choose from the online savings account options. The online savings account variant comes with its unique perks and benefits. So, you can select the one which suits your goals and lifestyle.

Zero Balance Savings Accounts

You do not need to wait for your savings to accumulate before opening a savings account.

IndusInd Bank offers you zero-balance savings accounts, where you do not have to worry about maintaining a minimum monthly balance. So, if you do not have enough savings, you can still start a savings account and earn interest.

Omni-Present Banking

Managing and making transactions with your savings account is hassle-free with IndusInd Bank. You can access IndusInd Bank’s services over multiple platforms:

  • IndusNet, internet banking
  • IndusMobile, mobile banking
  • WhatsApp Banking
  • IndusAssist, voice banking on Alexa
  • IndusAssist, instant virtual assistance through chat
  • IndusInd Bank Video Branch
  • IndusForex Online Portal
  • IndusSmart, our online investment portal
  • On the Go Banking on Twitter and Facebook

Maximise Your Savings

With IndusInd Bank’s online savings accounts, you can set up an automatic fixed-deposit feature. The excess balance in your account is automatically booked as fixed deposits. As a result, you get better interest earnings in the long term, along with the returns you enjoy on your savings account.

If you withdraw funds from your savings account and the balance is below Rs. 10,000, your most recent FD will be dissolved, and the funds will be pulled back into your savings account. IndusInd Bank charges no premature closure penalty on this fixed deposit.

In Conclusion

IndusInd Bank strives to fulfil the needs of its customers in the best way possible. By opening an online savings account with IndusInd Bank, you can manage your savings, make your money grow, can earn rewards and enjoy privileges.

Make sure you pick a suitable variant so that your savings grow at par with your needs.

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