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Dining for One

Many single people living in small spaces often go without a kitchen table. Since they don’t entertain, they don’t see the purpose of having such a sizable piece of furniture take up the limited space they have. Besides, many of them eat their meals on a food tray in front of the tv, so why spend extra money on a piece they may never use?

However, a kitchen table can be useful even if only one person is dining. A dedicated space for eating helps with portion control. Having a meal while watching tv can lead to an increase in the amount of food you consume as you become engrossed in the program and lose track of how much you’ve eaten. The tv distracts you demanding most of your concentration, causing you to overeat.

Also, eating at a kitchen table will keep your beautiful couch free of unsightly food stains. Light-colored fabrics can be ruined by a cup of hot coffee or tomato sauce from your spaghetti. Accidents will happen, but why take the chance of a red wine leaving an unattractive stain behind?

There are various choices for singles who find themselves eating their meals alone on most days. Finding a kitchen table for one just got easier with 1StopBedrooms, where you will see foldable kitchen tables on display. This design gives you a place to sip your coffee in the morning; then, you can fold it away before leaving for the day. It’s a great option for small areas as it frees up floor space when it’s not in use.

Small round tables are another way to go when working with limited space. They have less surface area than rectangular tables and therefore take up less room. If you want to push the table against the wall to free up more floor space, you will do better with a square-shaped table. Or you can look for a drop-leaf table as a space saver. The arcs of a round table drop-down, freeing up more space for other kitchen furniture you may need.

The kitchen table doesn’t only have to be used for meals. It can serve as a work-station for remote workers or a desk for your internet browsing. Are arts and crafts a hobby? If so, a kitchen table is a must as you’ll have a space to create and express your ideas.

When you have a friend over, the table will be an intimate setting where you can have a conversation while drinking hot chocolate. You can share stories and experiences face-to-face instead of awkwardly side-by-side on the sofa.

When it comes to seating, don’t get chairs that will overtake the table. A petite kitchen table needs chairs of equal size to complement the set and seat you at the proper height. If you have trouble deciding which style of the table would suit you best, reach out to a design specialist for a free consultation. They’ll answer your questions and get you set up with the perfect kitchen table today.

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