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Tips for Buying a Great Snowboard

Snowboarding is a fun activity, and many wait for the winter to pack things and get to the mountains to have a fun weekend. It will be great to go out and spend time with friends and family after the two years of the pandemic. Before you go for the snowboarding trip, you need to ensure that all items/gears for the snowboarding are with you or not. And the most important item for this activity is the snowboard—if you don’t have one, or the old one is not in good condition, you have to buy one. But, how will you choose one, as there are plenty of snowboards available in the market and (of) various features?

If you ever plan to buy a snowboard this winter and are confused about the purchase, you have come to the right place. This article will answer all your questions/doubts and provide you with some tips to choose the best and most compatible snowboard from the market. Before actually starting the trip, make sure you have all the necessary boarding gear/protective gear. Accidents are rare in this sport, but not zero either, there are always a few incidents every year, so making your and your family’s safety a priority is essential.

Below are the important tips to consider while you shop for a snowboard:

The length

It is a common rule that if you stand a board on its tail, the nose of the board must reach between your chin or nose. There are size charts available with recommended rider weights for the customers.

Types of boards

Snowboards are of various types, and they can be classified as the following:

  • Freestyle – suitable for park
  • Freeride – suitable for ungroomed snow in all-terrain
  • All-mountain – suitable for all-terrain
  • Powder – ideal for deep powder snow
  • Split-board – ideal for the backcountry

It would help if you always select the board depending on the terrain you will ride in. Using boards without considering the terrain can result in low performance, bad experiences, and even accidents. You can use some advice from people who have been snowboarding for years, and they might even know the products/brands that work fine with your terrain.

The camber and rocker

You can choose from different camber and rocker profiles. It all depends on the way you want to ride the board. If you’re going to ride faster than usual, get the cambered board, and if you plan to ride soft, get a flat, rocker or flat/rocker board.

The width of the board

The best way to check whether the width is correct for you or not is by standing on it and ensuring that your boots are not extended outside. A little bigger board is fine, but it’ll drag you back and slow down the speed if it is too big.

The shape

If you crave speed, get a directional board. A true twin board will be great for park and pipe use or a directional twin for all-mountain riders.

Other features to look for:

  • Sidecut
  • Radius
  • Effective edge
  • Board flex
  • Base material

Snowboarding is a fun activity you can engage with your friends and family, but always choose the right gears for this sport. Safety must be your top priority whenever you are riding in the mountains. In Australia, the rate of injury for snowboarding is four injuries per thousand days. Unlike skiing, your legs are not at a massive risk while snowboarding, but injuries to the upper body are common.

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