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Unspoken Rules For Wearing Suits That Men Usually Aren’t Aware Of

‘The suit maketh the man’.

Men usually underestimate how good a suit has the perfect fitting looks. A man in a suit is always more attractive than someone with rock-hard abs. But to bring out the perfect look with a suit, you must pay attention to specific minimal details.

Moreover, with the Aussie suits and ensembles market growing with a steady CAGR of 8% till 2026, new trends and suit options have been ushered into the market. Take your pick, choose the right suit accessories, and pull off your look with pure finesse.

So what must you do to bring out the best look for your attire? What are specific unspoken rules men must know to make the most out of their suits? Read on to find out!

Unspoken rules about wearing suits

Here are some of the top unspoken rules you must know while donning a suit. Read on!

Keep the last button open.

This is a repeated mistake made by many people who are new to wearing suits. It would be best if you never fastened the bottom button. It is present purely for aesthetic purposes and serves no other use to your suit.

So, don’t forget to leave the last button open!

Don’t forget to unfasten your buttons when you sit down.

Another point that suit novices overlook is unfastening your suit buttons when you sit down. Not doing this will spoil your suit in a couple of wears.

On top of that, you might also end up looking like a stuffed potato, and sitting would be uncomfortable.

Button your shirt to the top

When you wear a suit, make sure that you button your shirt up. This gives off a neat look.

If the shirt happens to be too tight and is choking you when you try to close the buttons up, you might want to wear a different one.

A sports watch with a suit is a no-go.

A sports watch over a suit is never a good look. The watch will seem out of place and will draw attention. Go for a more classy watch, preferably analogue, to complement your outfit well.

Bring in the corporate look with an overcoat.

Don’t shy off from pulling on an overcoat if you plan to visit a high-profile corporate event. An overcoat will bring more finesse to your overall outfit, giving you the perfect look you need for an event.

Please don’t over accessorise!

This point cannot be stressed enough. Suit accessories, if chosen right, can enhance your look multiple folds. But if you over accessorise, then there is a chance it might kill your entire look.

If you want a clean and sophisticated look, follow a minimal approach to accessories.

Make sure your socks cover your legs.

While wearing a suit, make sure you wear long socks. They should completely cover your ankles, leaving no skin exposed. And while you are at it, please avoid wearing white socks.

The tie colour should always be in contrast with your suit

Your tie will only look good if it contrasts with the overall colour of your suit. So, plan on wearing a black suit? Go for a light coloured tie. But if you want to put on your favourite grey suit, then a dark tie would be perfect.

Wrapping up

Any man can wear an expensive suit, but not all men can wear it well. If you want to pull off wearing a suit with suave, keep the above pointers in mind. These little things can mean the difference between joe and a sophisticated man.

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